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The voluntary deposit, sometimes better known under the name of its creator “Good Lender”, allows a person residing in Quebec to repay his debts while protecting himself against potential seizures of wages or goods.

How does voluntary deposit work?

How does voluntary deposit work?


  1. You register for voluntary deposit at the Court.
  2. Each month, a specified portion of your salary is returned to the Court.
  3. The court will use this money to pay your creditors.
  4. The interest on your debts is set at 5% per year.

How is the payment calculated


The payment is the seizable portion of your income. If you are an employee, the payment is based on your gross income (your income before tax and other deductions). If you are self-employed, the payment is based on your gross income minus your expenses related to your work.

Once your income is determined, an amount is subtracted according to the number of people you have in your charge. If you have no dependents, subtract $ 120 a week from your gross income. If you have one or two dependents, subtract $ 180 a week. For additional dependents, subtract $ 30 per week. The payment is 30% of this last amount.

The benefits of voluntary deposit

The benefits of voluntary deposit


  • Voluntary deposit allows you to avoid bankruptcy.
  • Voluntary filing stops seizures and harassment.
  • Interest is 5% per year.
  • You only have one payment per month.

Caveats on Voluntary Deposit

  • Is your monthly payment higher than the interest that accrues?
  • For how many months will you have to make your payments to completely pay off your debts?
  • Does your budget allow you to lose this portion of salary?

Is voluntary deposit the best solution for me?

At Good Finance, our mission is to guide you to a solution that’s right for you. Contact us for a free evaluation of your situation and we will tell you if the voluntary deposit is the right solution for you.

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